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Welcome Super Bowl 2018 (NFL Final ) Sunday, NFL and fans! Super Bowl 2018 live LII (52) on Sunday, February 4, 2018. Eagles take part in a face with England Patriots in the US Bank stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Patriots are playing in their record tenth Super Bowl 2018, with eight Tom Brady Bill coming in 17 years.

How to Watch Super Bowl 2018 LII ?

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots

Place: US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN
Start Date: Feb. 4, 2018
Start Time: 6:30 p.m. ET
TV Coverage: NBC (check local listings)
Online Stream: fuboTV (Try for free)
The Announcers: Al Michaels , Cris Collinsworth, Michele Tafoya

super bowl 2018 liveSunday’s win will be the title of six Super Bowl 2018 titles for Patriots. and for the most part, Pittsburgh Stilrs will tie the knot. It will identify ninth time in the history of NFL, a team uses a super-back behind the back of the back. which has been able to finish the 2004-05 track. Eagles are coming into the history of franchisee in their third Super Bowl 2018.  their first win (even after the 1980 and 2004 season they lost the games). Las Vegas has banned 4-½ points for juts, but at least one gambling player has bettered seven images on Iglesias.

Here are 25 numbers to know from Super Bowl 2018 live Playoffs (Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots) .

$ 0: Justin Timberlake to be a headline maker at the Halfmate Show, the amount of NHL and Halftime Sponsors. Although the pier will get lots of exposure for his new album on Friday and his upcoming tour kicked off in March. Last year, 117.5 million people saw halitime shows, more than the sport.

1: During the playoffs, both Eagles and Patriot had 1 seed in their respective conferences. It seems to be the fifth time in 22 years, that both the top seeds will meet with the Super Bowl, but now it has happened four out of the five seasons.

2: This second Super Bowl held in Minnesota was in the previous one in 1992 when Washington Redskins defeated Bobfah bills 37-24 at Hubert Humphrey Metrodome.

3: The temperature of Kikoff can be 3 degrees Celsius with winds that can operate at air cooler -20. It will never be the coldest super bowl. The previous low for Detroit Super Bowl XVI was 16. Players will be very thankful for the dome covered by the UK Stadium, immediately a Sammys taken within 70 degrees.

7-6: Eagle lead all-time series into two Super Bowl teams. In their last meeting, Iglesales was shown a very boring attraction on the current effort of Foxborough in Foxbroore in 2015, which is a 35-28 score. With the score of 24/22 in the Super Bowl of 2005, the team met Patus with a Super Bowl and it was seen second time.

7/10: Tom Brady Sports Super Bowl MVP Trophy Capture is insatiable favorites. The next best is the nic folks on the extraordinary 11/2. Brady already has four Super Bowl 2018 MVP awards.

10: This is the tenth super bowl that Al-Michaels is playing for the game.

27-9: Brady career playoff record. Joe Montana has 27 points in the second position.

28.6: Eagles and Patriot both scored 28.6 points per game in the regular season, the total number of Pates was 458, more than Philadelphia. More score only in Los Angeles Rams.
48.5: Over-under or total number of weird players think that will be run on Sunday.

79.2: Eagles was the stingiest run defense of NFL, allowing playing per game every 79.2 times per season. Pats 114.8 yards twentieth place.

106: The Super Bowl 2018 broadcaster NBC will use the camera at the US Bank Stadium for Sunday play.

394: Pets per season in perpetual crime, Eagle top of the game in seventh place in 366 yards.

488: Tom Brady, Carrier Touch Day Pioneer Leads to Manning 539

$ 6,330: The average price of the Super Bowl ticket in the sale market is 2 tickets per ticket every day. The list of Super Bowl 52 lists is $ 950 to $ 5,000

$ 112,00: Winner team players get $ 112,000, which is $ 5000 more than last year. Get the players $ 56,000 in the losing team

$ 1 million: Tom Brady’s salary this season (he signed his latest contract signed in 2016 to receive $ 28 million in the bonus). There is no need to cry for Brady though. His career earning was only behind Eli Manning among the second active players of the 197 million rank,

$ 5 million: According to Dan Lavinzer, Executive Vice President for Sale of Advertising for NBC Sports, average price of 30-second ad

111.3 million: The average audience for the last year’s super bowl, which was always the first to go in overtime. It is the fifth lowest place among super bowlers.

$ 220 million: United Bank has the right to nominate its nomination for 20 years at the Monisota Walkies Stadium.

$ 500 million: For the game “This Is You” in the air after the Big Game, the total advertising expenditure on Sunday, for the festival festival, post game and episode.

1.35 billion: According to the National Chicken Council, the number of chicken wings estimated to eat super bowl weekend.

$ 2.65 billion: Eagle Prices Jeffrey Laurie recorded a record $ 185 million for the team in 1994.

$ 3.7 billion: The patriotic price Bob Croft paid $ 172 million in the team in 1994. Dallas Cowboys is the only sports franchise in the more valuable world.

$ 4.76 billion: According to the American Gaming Association. the estimated amount of gambling in Super Bowl. $ 4.6 billion more illegal will be illegal. © 2018